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Which Type of Crimes Are Public Records?

There are many types of crimes that are included as public record. As expected, the most serious type of crimes, felonies, are public records. Less serious crimes, which are called "misdemeanors are included as well. These crimes include acts, such as shoplifting, DUI, etc. There are even less severe crimes than that, called "infractions" that also appear in public records. These crimes include acts such as traffic offenses, drinking in public, etc.

As you can see, TruthFinder background check reports are very comprehensive. It is not just the big crimes that appear, but the smaller one as well. This is important because while some people have not committed the worst offenses, felonies, committing minor offenses happens quite frequently. Having this information is helpful in making sure you surround yourself and your family with safe, trustworthy people.

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