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TruthFinder: Background Check Service Review


TruthFinder is the leading background check service in the industry and has a very strong reputation.

Data Accuracy

TruthFinder goes through great lengths to verify the accuracy of the data it provides. The way this is done is by using credible sources at the county, state, and federal level, and cross-referencing data to confirm its accuracy. TruthFinder is a constantly up dating its database so that you can be rest assured that the information provided is accurate.

Number Of Records

TruthFinder has the largest database of public records making it highly likely that you will find the information that you are searching for.


All of the searches conducted on TruthFinder are private and 100% anonymous. In other words, no one will know you conducted a background check on them, unless you notify them.

Customer Service

TruthFinder is highly responsive to its customers and respects everyone's privacy. The support services at TruthFinder strive to make sure that every customer is happy.

Common Questions About TruthFinder

Why Do A Background Check With TruthFinder?

As cliche as it sounds, "information is power." You have the right to know the truth about the people that you and your loved-ones are surrounded by. That is essential to make sure everyone is safe. Whether you are merely confirming someone is exactly who they say they are, or need more detailed information, doing a background check with TruthFinder will give you peace of mind as well as satisfy your curiosity. As the leader in the public records industry, TruthFinder is the name you can trust.

Are TruthFinder Searches Confidential?

Yes, TruthFinder searches are completely confidential and anonymous. TruthFinder understands that when you are searching for someone, you do not want the person to be notified that you are looking them up or pulling information about them. Whether it’s by email, text, etc. the person you are searching for receives no alert or notification whatsoever that you are looking them up. The only way the searchee would find out is if you tell them directly.

You have the right to search anonymously and to make sure yourself and family are well protected by knowing the people around you. TruthFinder takes pride in providing you the ability to search safely and anonymously so that you find the information you need.

Is TruthFinder A Reliable Source Of Information?

Yes, TruthFinder works because it compiles reports from a number of credible public and private databases. For example, data is pulled from court and government records as well as social media sites. This information is assembled into a complete report and cross-verified with multiple databases for accuracy. Results are updated on a daily basis.

TruthFinder strives to provide comprehensive and complete reports on everyone, and realizes how important it is to quickly find reliable information you need, and can trust.

What Will A TruthFinder Background Report Provide?

Each background check report will vary somewhat depending on the individual searched and the information that is publicly available. However, reports are broken down into well-organized sections, such as personal information, location history, criminal records, contact information, social media records, business information, and much more. As long as the information is publicly available, accessible, and verifiable, TruthFinder includes it.

TruthFinder strives to provide as much information as possible in each report while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the data.

How Many Background Reports Are Included?

During your membership period, you have access to an unlimited number of reports. Whether you are checking what information is publicly available on yourself, a relative, friend, neighbor, or anyone else, TruthFinder provides an unlimited number of searches so that you can search hassle-free without any restrictions.

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